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CAM Department

The data preparation that takes place in the CAM department is crucial for a flawless production process. This is why the latest technology concerning film preparation is kept up with. All data recieved from customers is checked and prepared prior to plotting process by our programmers.

The barco Crescent laser plotter with up to 8000 dpi resolution capacity is used for plotting. The system is equipped with the stationary internal drum technology which results in excellent line edge technology. Also the software that runs on the system contains sophisticated accuracy compensation resulting in the most accurate plots.

The system is operated by a Pentium PC. Prism NT and Prism View software running on Windows NT are used to run the system which allow concurrent data conversion and plotting.

Production Tracking and Planing

Delron has adapted an advanced production planning and tracking software especially designed for Delron`s production lines. This software is improved on Oracle which is world`s fastest and most reliable data base. Production data is collected after every manufacturing process by the help of hand terminals which are also developed and manufactured by Delron. This ensures lot traceability at all times. The software helps plan procurement, production and shipment by giving Access to up-to-date reports.


Delron has put together a sophisticated testing department to assure 100% reliable testing for its customers. Testing is performed with a single sided, double sided and a flying probe tester. On the other hand the department is also equipped with a sophisticated software package which interconnect all test machines.
Flying Probe Tester

The Speedy flying probe tester is used to be able to test without having to build a test fixture. This tester gives us quick turnaround capability for smaller lots.

The system is equipped with a test flor integration system. This allow to use the it as a verification and repair unit for batches previously tested. By the help of ticket logs and a barcode reader, verification is done without the need to keep the tester idle during this process.

The system is also equipped with the streching frame technology. This allows to test innerlayers as well as more accurate test of all types of PCBs.

The Speedy uses a camera alignment system for fast and perfect fiducial detection. The registration and alignment is achieved very fast with utmost precision by this sophisticated camera alignment system.
Double Sided Tester

Double sided Mania Tower allows to make simultaneous double sided testing with SMD. This is achieved by the use of two interface cassettes equipped with special contact reliable springs which allow to test with 0.45 mm rigid pins. The tower is able to reform the most difficult tests with the help of this system.

Single Sided Tester

Like the Tower, the single sided tester is also equipped with a similar interface cassette system which allows to test SMD. The PCBs that require a single sided test are tested on this tester.

Software Integration
Testing is performed by the help of a number of different software solutions. First one is a sole adaptor building software. This software basically performes pin to grid assignment and also staggering of the pads automatically without leaving much work for the user. Also splitting into several fixtures is possible when needed. The software allows to prepare fixtures for the most difficult PCBs by the help of these two functions.
Second one is a barcode based fault verification and repair station software which offers a graphical user interface . Faults are detected , analysed and stored in the fault database. Immediately after processing an incoming fault list, a view guide Marks good and bad images of multiup boards and faults are immediately available for fault verification or comparison without delay.
Finally, a third software is implemented to make electrical test and simultaneous real time barcode fault verification possible. This means that it is possible to test a certain PCB and in paralellel , verify faults of a different PCB at multiple verification stations simultaneously, without violating the data integrity. This increase our overall flexibility and productivity.
Ink Application Department

A homogen ink application is assured by the curtain coating system. The viscosity of the ink is controlled and kept stable at all times by the help of a digital control unit. This makes application of desired ink weight to all types of PCBs possible with precision. The drying unit is equipped with a v-belt conveyor system which enables PCB surface protection during curing.

Drilling Department

Delron`s drilling and routing department is equipped with KLG and Pluritec machines. All drills used in production are carefully monitored and kept track of to assure through hole quality after drilling process. Quality control is performed after drilling to ensure that customer specifications are maintained and any defective production is prevented.

Multilayer Department

The quality of the inner layer registration is one of the keys to high quality multilayer PCBs. Our multilayer department is equipped with a four pin registration system to ensure perfect registration of inner layers.

The post etch punch unit which is used to punch the innerlayers prior to layup, is equipped with a camera alignment system.

The cameras provide fast and perfect target detection on the innerlayers. By the help of this camera system, punching process is performed with utmost precision eliminating all potential registration problems.

The film punch unit which is also equipped with a similar camera alignment system, is used to assure precise registration during exposure of inner and outer layers. The exposure frames which are later on used during exposure minimize human defect rates.

Plating Department

The most reliable PTH process is adapted and performed by Delron. Our plating department consists of two conventional of a chemical copper and an electroless copper process. The pattern plating line contains both an electroless copper and an electroless tin process. All these processes provide reliable quality and strenght in PTH and assure conformance to MIL SPEC 810 norms.

The chemicals used in the panel and pattern plating lines are periodically analysed in our laboratory and microsections are periodically taken to assure PTH quality and stabilization in the plating process.

The plating thicknesses are constantly measured during the plating process and any defective production is prevented. The department is also equipped with a deionization system which help remove all the impurities like dissolved minerals from tap water.
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