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Electronics is an industry which develop continuously. Integrated circuits with increasing strorage capacities and package densities, high performance components with higher operating speeds, entirely surfacemounted active and passive components are just a few of these developments.

As a natural consequence, greater demands are made of PCB and assembly manufacturing techniques as well. Products must be of consistently higher quality standarts with zero defect rates. Our company policy in Delron is to fulfil these requirements. Our main target is to provide the conditions neccessary for continuous improvement of our product and service quality.

Well trained workforce, team work, high technology equipment and a policy of total quality are the keys Delron has combined to achieve high standarts and capability to satisfy customer needs. Also all production materials are chosen carefully according to strict criteria to assure product quality.

   Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi - 2. Kısım Pk: 45030 Manisa - TURKEY
   Phone: +90 236 233 38 39 Fax: +90 236 233 38 42