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PCB Assembly and Design

Delron provides a detailed resource for PCB and assembly related products and services. The company aims to offer a fully integrated service to its customers including design, PCB production , SMT, axial and radial thru-hole assembly Technologies and up to full product building. Combination of electro-mechanical and manual assembly facilities with the various PCB and cable assembly processes enables the company to offer a full product build, test and release service.

Delron offers quality PCB assembly for both small batches typically up to 1000, as well as larger batches up to 10000 for through-hole and surface mount including QFP, BGA and all SMDs down to 0402 case size. Manufacture of prototype hand assemblies including SMD parts is also possible in the electrostatic-safe production area. Delron manufactures Electronic assemblies utilising both re-flow and flow soldering techniques. These, combined with manual work stations provide total solutions to Electronic assembly manufacture.

Numerous component suppliers and manufacturers are dealt with to be able to source components at competitive rates for our customers. As an ISO 9001 company, all batches are carefully tested with necessary quality control procedures and AOI is performed before despatch. Also customer defined functional testing can be performed whenever required.

Delron also provides product development & design service as part of a complete manufacturing package. Our fully qualified pcb engineers can prepare a PCB design from your schematics design. Also reverse engineering services are available upon request. The most cost effective saving solution for the customers is aimed at all times, while maintaining the highest quality and service.

Final Products

Delron has developed a micro processor controlled traffic junction controller unit. Another final product is the data terminal mainly designed to keep track of production. These products are manufactured with “Delron” brand.
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